Good morning everyone: “Who, me?” It’s that all-purpose denial of personal responsibility, isn’t it? You’re asked to pick up clothes from the bedroom floor. “Who, me? I shouldn’t have to do that.” Get the assignment done by tomorrow. “Who, me? That’s asking way too much.” Did you forget to put gas in the car? “Who,…

Good morning everyone: “It’s OK. I’m strong. I know what I believe. I won’t be influenced by unbelieving friends.” Has anyone ever said that to you? Have you said it? While it is true that we are to be active and engaged in letting our light shine and bringing God’s law and gospel to others,…

Good morning everyone: Do you have a list of important dates committed to memory or at least noted on Google calendar, days such as wedding anniversaries, vacations, maybe Valentine’s Day? What are your favorites? For many it’s birthdays. Almost everyone enjoys a birthday celebration, whether it’s dropping by the hospital nursery to see a newborn…

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