Good morning everyone: “Someday I’ll drink all the root beer I want!” I remember thinking that at a time when my parents wisely limited me to one frosty mug of A&W. What did you look forward to: staying up past 9 p.m., wearing what everyone else had in their closets, watching whatever you wanted on…

Good morning everyone: Take note some time of how often during a day you hear the word “love.” A family member says, “Love you!” on their way out the door. In a TV interview a celebrity states: “I love all people, no matter who they are.” People not familiar with other passages of Scripture are…

Good morning everyone: Have you noticed how unusual it is for anyone to take a stand on anything? If a company’s policies are unpopular, it will likely bow to public pressure and change them. A candidate for elected office will often check polls or study focus groups and then alter his positions accordingly. If someone…

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