Good morning: “Would Jesus wear jeans to church?” According to a local pastor quoted in this morning’s Journal-Sentinel, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” If the point being made is that outward appearances and social status don’t matter to Jesus, then I think all of us would agree. We have never had a dress code…

Good morning: Who doesn’t want to be liked? It’s uncomfortable to stand all alone at a gathering while others are talking and laughing with one another. It hurts terribly to have others whispering about you behind your back. We envy popular classmates or coworkers whom others want to be around. Friends really are a blessing,…

Good morning everyone: Crawl out of bed before dawn, stretch tight, sore muscles, and then dive into the pool for a two-hour workout. Eat a breakfast carefully calculated and weighed for number of calories and ratio of carbs and protein. Do more stretching before heading back to the water for several more hours of training….

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