Good morning everyone: Did you have a great week? Did things come together just right at work? Did you get an A on the big test? Maybe you received some special recognition? Is it OK to be proud of the accomplishment? It’s a question believers sometimes struggle with. After all, God says, “Pride goes before…

Good morning everyone: Ever have one of those days when you wondered, “Why bother?” A young student tries all week to grasp the concept of multiplication and by Friday it’s still as much a mystery as ever. Back at school Monday morning, he wonders, “Why bother?” After sending out dozens of resumes without a single…

Good morning everyone: “This will be simple,” I thought. “I can handle it,” I told myself as I pulled the new car stereo system out of its packaging and looked over the wiring diagram. A couple of hours later, with the car dashboard opened up and a confusing array of disconnected wires of various colors…

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