Good morning everyone: Did you have a good week? Was work rewarding, school fulfilling, and family pure joy? Did you feel great, accomplish everything you wanted to, and cruise through every intersection on a green light? Probably not. None of us experiences a perfect day, let alone a week without problems. And maybe in your…

Good morning everyone: “Trust no one” was the message I came away with from a parent orientation at UWM. The faculty representative stressed to the new freshman class that they should question everything they had ever learned in order to find out for themselves what was real truth for them. He urged them to be…

Good morning everyone: Can one person make a real difference? What’s one person among hundreds in your neighborhood or millions in our nation or billions in the world? Yet how many times has one individual made a difference in your life? One competent, caring customer service rep can make your day by taking the time…

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