Real or Fake?

Good morning: “Amazon buys whole world!” announced a website. Of course it was an obvious parody of “fake news,” which made many smile. However, fake news is not always that harmless and easy to spot, especially in spiritual matters. Millions are taken in by statements such as: “People are basically good….Good people go to heaven….God…

Good morning: After a sermon in which I had spoken of the blessings of fathers, a woman said to me, “I really had trouble with what you said. All it did was bring back painful memories of how I was mistreated by my father.” How would you have responded? Sadly, it’s true that some fathers…

Good morning everyone: What makes you think you’re so smart? How can you be so sure? Why should I believe you? Has someone reacted like that after you shared some truth from Scripture? Maybe you told a coworker how God created all things out of nothing in six days simply by His Word. You might…

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