Good morning, What’s your exercise routine: a daily walk around the neighborhood, a five-mile bike ride, lifting weights at the gym? We know that regular exercise is important for our muscles. If we don’t use them, they will inevitably become weaker. To stay strong or grow in strength they need to push or pull against…

Good Morning, Finally! At the age of twenty, I was no longer dependent. I was independent! I had my own car, paid my own rent, and unfortunately, even had my own health insurance. I had my own job and made all my own meals. Life was great and then it got better. I got married…

Good morning: Every time I weave around and through the orange traffic cones on Highway 100 the same thought runs through my mind: “What are they doing?” Or in translation: “They have no idea what they’re doing. I know better.” Of course, that’s unfair. I haven’t kept up with the DOT’s master plan. I have…

Good morning: It’s a beautiful morning! The air is fresh and cool under a sunny sky. Lawns are a lush green and flowers are blooming everywhere. A perfect day? On the surface it might appear that way, yet we know better. Our world has deep underlying problems. Sunny skies can quickly morph into tornado-producing storms….

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