Good morning: You know the feeling. You drop by the grocery store to pick up milk, juice, bread, and a few other essentials. While you unload the cart on the conveyer belt you’re thinking it shouldn’t be more than a few dollars. It’s a jolt when the clerk says, “That will be $25.” If we…

Good morning: We like to win. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a friendly game of Scrabble, a school basketball game, or a competition with ten other candidates for a job, we like to come out on top. Who can resist opening the envelope with the bold print: “You’re a winner!”? But how often do you…

Good morning: “Clean” means different things to different people. To the five-year-old who can hardly wait for lunch, clean means wiping his hands off on his jeans before showing Mom. To a surgeon about to replace a heart valve, clean means a vigorous scrubbing of hands and nails with antibacterial soap and a stiff brush….

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