Good morning: It makes you wonder. The long black limo passes you on the freeway and you can’t help but wonder who might be the passenger behind the opaque, smoked glass windows. Is it a government official on their way to Madison or maybe an NFL star enjoying the off season? An imposing SUV is…

  Good morning: Last Thursday six people lost their lives in a bridge collapse in Florida. Sudden tragedies like that remind us of how fragile life is and how quickly our time on earth can end. For a certain police officer that lesson was especially personal. She explained in an interview that she was driving…

Good morning: What’s the way to heaven? In the minds of many it’s simple: “Pray and keep the Ten Commandments.” It is true that the Commandments spell out God’s will for mankind. Jesus summed them up like this: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all…

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