Good morning: It was an honest question: “Doesn’t God want me to be happy?” The individual was facing multiple personal problems and wondered why God hadn’t prevented them. Does the same thought cross your mind? It’s easy to imagine that if suddenly all the stress and trouble of earthly life were removed, we would be…

Good morning: What’s your biggest pet peeve? For many of us it might be “waiting.” Who wants to wait? Who has the time for it? If the webpage doesn’t pop up onscreen in two seconds or less, forget it. A two-day wait for an Amazon package can be torture. Wait for a red light? Only…

Good morning: The countdown has begun—only 24 days ‘til Christmas! Retailers won’t let you forget it. Over the next weeks they will unleash a constant barrage of email, mail flyers, and text reminders stressing that there’s no time to spare. You have to get ready before it’s too late and the opportunity is lost forever….

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