Good morning: Are you willing to concede an argument and let someone else have the final word? Have you given up your place in line to a stranger? Would you surrender a privilege just because someone asked you to? Do you forgive someone who has wronged you? What if they have hurt you more than…

Good morning: A little white pill. How can it possibly help when every joint aches, your head pounds, and just walking to the bathroom takes every ounce of strength you can muster? Most of us don’t understand how antibiotics work. Reason would argue that one tiny pill can’t possibly make any difference at all in…

Good morning: What do the words: “collusion,” “ghosting,” “wrap-my-head-around,” and “optics” all have in common? According to Lake Superior State U. in Michigan, they are the most overused words of 2018. The problem is that words become so popular and are used in so many different situations and ways that they lose their distinctive meaning….

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