Good morning: “Too scared to move” is more than just a figure of speech. It’s a reality. A sudden crash somewhere in the house in the middle of the night may be so startling that even though you know you should crawl out of bed and investigate, you don’t really want to. Fear of making…

Good morning: In one way, the events of Good Friday were not that unusual. The Roman government regularly crucified those convicted of heinous crimes. Passersby might stop and gape for a while, but then go on their way. After Jesus’ hasty burial in Joseph’s tomb, the Sabbath day rest began as usual. Life went on….

Good morning: As my wife and I slowly made our way toward the back of a cramped plane, we glanced longingly at the seats in first class. Wide and comfortable, with legroom to spare, those seats held the promise of comfort and relaxation. If we had been offered the opportunity to sit there at no…

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