Good morning: Does a new day mean a fresh start? Not necessarily. The words, actions, and happenings of the previous day often carry over into the next. The dirty dishes left in the sink last night are still there this morning. The unfinished business at work needs to be addressed Monday morning. The hurt caused…

Good morning: A friend of mine runs “ultras,” races between 50 and 100 miles in distance. Imagine running from Milwaukee to Chicago. Could you do it? How does anyone do it? As far as I know, no one actually runs the entire distance non-stop. The strongest athlete would collapse in sheer exhaustion. The key is…

Good morning: Do you have a green and gold T-shirt in your dresser drawer? Wearing a replica Brewers jersey today? Is there a red Badgers shirt waiting to come out for the fall football season? Many of us like to display our loyalty to a favorite team or event with a colorful shirt for all…

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