Good morning everyone:

Did you get a text this morning from Coca-Cola asking you to be a television spokesperson for their latest ad campaign? Probably not. It would be a shock if you did. Wouldn’t you respond in disbelief, “Who me?” Spokespeople are usually famous athletes or Hollywood celebrities whom people know and admire. Who would buy Coke just because one of us would say it’s refreshing?

Yet there is someone who does call on us to be His spokespeople. Jesus Himself commissions us and says, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” He is speaking not just to His inner circle of disciples or to pastors and teachers. He calls every believer to share the good news of forgiveness through faith in Him. Don’t you feel like saying, “Who me?” How can we do it? We are not famous heroes of faith from Scripture. Most of us have little name recognition among others. We know our weaknesses. We are sinful human beings. How can we possibly be effective messengers for the holy God? St. Paul sums it up well when he says we are “jars of clay.”

But then listen to the context of Paul’s words: “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us” (2 Cor. 4:7). The effectiveness of the message does not depend on how eloquent and persuasive we are. It is not our reputation and credibility which bring others to faith. The power is from God. He gives us His Word and simply tells us to tell others that Jesus came to lay down His life in payment for the sins of all, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Salvation has been won for all. It is God’s free gift of love for all. We have received that gift by faith. We have that life-giving, hope-filled treasure to share with family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and with everyone else whose lives touch ours. Think of what forgiveness means to us. How can we not give that blessing to others. With whom can you share the news of Jesus today, tomorrow, next week… May the Lord transform our incredulous, “Who me?” to an eager, “Here am I. Send me!”

Yours in Christ,


Tomorrow is our annual Mission Festival. We look forward to the Holy Spirit’s encouragement, equipping, and empowering for our calling as Christ’s witnesses. Pastor Caleb Schaller from Messiah, Eau Claire, will be our guest speaker at both Bible class and for our service. Both the children and adult choirs will sing in the service.

Please note tomorrow’s schedule: 9:30 a.m.: Bible class presentation for all ages (No Sunday School). 10:45 a.m.: Family worship. Noon: potluck meal and fellowship. Bring a main dish and a salad or dessert to share.

Remember in prayer: Mr. Dick Laakaniemi fell yesterday and broke his hip. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at the Grafton hospital.

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