Good Afternoon,

I’m sure this is a bit unexpected to receive the Saturday note from me instead of Pastor Eichstadt.  The Board of Elders have been in touch with Sue this morning as Pastor suffered an issue with his heart yesterday evening.  Sue found him unresponsive on the floor as they were getting ready for bed and called the paramedics for help.  After some initial help and diagnosis, he was stabilized and was taken to St. Luke’s hospital for observation and some tests.  So far, it sounds like he is doing okay and will be going through a barrage of tests today to see if anything else is wrong or needs to be treated.  We pray that he makes a speedy and full recovery and that he and Sue find comfort in the Lord’s presence at his bedside.

We will still be holding both services tomorrow at 8:00 and 10:30 am, with lay readers for both services.  Sunday School will also still be held tomorrow, and the Board of Education will be helping with the opening devotion for the children.  Based on the abrupt pivot to cover the Sunday services for Pastor, we will be canceling Bible Class tomorrow morning.  At this time, we will take a one-week hiatus from our study of the Lord’s Supper and hope and pray that Pastor will be with us next week to continue that study.

Please keep Pastor and Sue in your prayers, and we look forward to seeing all of you in the services tomorrow morning.  If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to a member of the Board of Elders:

In His Service,

Eric Williams

Board of Elders - Chairman

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