Good morning: When you hear someone misuse God’s name in an angry, careless curse, when a celebrity flaunts their immoral lifestyle, when a group publicly states that Christians should keep their beliefs to themselves, how do you feel? It’s nothing new. A Samaritan village once refused to receive Jesus and His disciples on their travels….

Good morning: You still see it once in a while on a bracelet or poster: WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). It’s meant to remind believers that as they go about their daily lives, they will want to model their words and actions after Jesus. What would Jesus do in my situation? How would He respond…

Good morning: Have you ever thought you knew someone, but were shocked to learn that you were completely mistaken? The caller on the phone sounded so friendly and sincere as he explained how he was raising money for sick children. But then a week later a news report stated that it was all a hoax…

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